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About us

​  Austin Studios is a design and production firm that supplies  investment quality architectural artwork to high end residential and commercial clients.  Starting in 1994, Kevin Austin and one employee started Austin Studios carving wood fireplace mantels and casting in plaster and resin.  Now they employ 7 artists and craftsmen, as well as an ever growing support group of contract artists and European stone carvers.  Projects include carved wood, limestone, marble and metal.  Lots of fireplaces and  period ornament!


  Kevin Austin is best known as a specialist in authentic classical details, and has been sought out for decades by architects and designers to help them realize their vision.  However Austin Studios has also designed and produced a number of contemporary pieces throughout the years.



It's interesting to note that all the artisans at Austin Studios were furniture makers and woodcarvers first, then transitioning into limestone and marble.  Thus, giving them an eye for detail not usually found in the stone industry.

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